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Consulting Services

1.For ELEMKO SA and AEGEK-IMPREGILO-ANSALDO, Thessaloniki, Greece, January 2013

“Stray Current Control Design of Thessaloniki’s Metro System”
(Principle Investigator: C. A. Charalambous)

  • Providing and Evaluating Stray Current Design for Thessaloniki’s New Metro System (9.6 km Underground Line (with twin tunnels, Bored & Cut-and-Cover), 13 stations and a depot area).

2.For Electricity Authority Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 2012
“Life-Cycle Loss Evaluation and Ownership Cost of Power and Distribution Transformers”
(Principle Investigator: C. A. Charalambous)

  • Calculation of Loss Evaluation Factors for Power & Distribution Transformers of E.A.C network.