Facilities and Software

Commercially Available Software:

Software_1_1 CDEGS

Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Fields, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis


Provided by Safe Engineering Services & technologies ltd

Software_2_1 SLIM

Power Transformers Finite Element Electromagnetic Field Analysis


Provided by Alstom Grid, Power Transformers

Software_3_1 DIgSILENT Power Factory

Power System Analysis Tool


Provided by DIgSILENT Power Factory

Software_4_1 ATP

Digital Simulation Package for Transient Studies


Provided by EEUG EMTP-ATP Users Group


In-house Developed Models and Techniques:

Dynamic Stray Current Assessor for DC Mass Transit Systems

Mix of methods and simulation models to assess the stray current picture of DC Mass Transit systems under dynamic operation. The dynamic evaluations can account for:

• The stray current performance of the bored tunnel and the cut-and-cover systems in terms of their topology and geometry.
• The extent of the corrosion problem (corrosion potential) in the supporting and third party infrastructure of the system.
• Combination of various ideal and realistic train operation scenarios.
• Stray Current design assessment and standards’ benchmarking

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Net – Metering Evaluator
(PV Systems)

Software tool to evaluate the electricity charges/tariff structures and their subsequent impact on the value of annual or life-time bill savings from net-metered PV systems. It account for:

• Block and time differentiated electricity tariffs
• Short/ long term volatile fossil fuel price variation/ impact on electricity charges
• PV technologies and system characteristics
• Regulation and other charges/costs
• Financial and Investment Risk Assessments

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Loss Evaluation and Total Ownership Calculator (Power and Distribution Transformer)

Software tool to assist the selection of the most optimal transformer design by taking into account:

• Purchase price of transformers, losses, levelized cost of energy from either conventional generation or renewable generation (PV, Wind) sources
• Ownership status of transformers either by Independent Power Producers or Vertically Integrated Utilities.

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