Net-Metering Evaluation Tool

Retail electricity charges inevitably influence the financial rationale of using net-metered photovoltaic (PV) applications. Their structure as well as their level may vary significantly over the life-cycle of a customer-sited PV generation system. This subsequently introduces an uncertainty for a ratepayer considering a net-metered PV investment. To thoroughly comprehend this uncertainty, the PSM lab offers a “Net-Metering Evaluation Tool” for whom it may concern. The users can use the tool to simulate a known tariff structure or alternatively to simulate any generic flat or block-tiered volumetric charge rates.


Input Data

Area selection Tariff characteristics

Cost per kWh for
PV characteristics

Output Results

Net Present Value (€) {{calc.netMetering["NPV"]}}
Discounted Payback Period (years) {{calc.netMetering["paybackPeriod"]}}
Value of bill savings per kWh (€/kWh) {{calc.netMetering["LACE"]}}
Levelized cost of PV energy (€/kWh) {{calc.netMetering["LCOE"]}}
Profitability Index (-) {{calc.netMetering["profitabilityIndex"]}}