Lightning Protection & Earthing

Lightning Protection & Earthing: Standardized risk assessment methods for lightning protection conform to complex-structured buildings. This entails that their clauses may be subjectively interpreted when it comes to evaluating structures other than buildings (e.g. large scale Renewable Energy plants). In today’s competitive and dynamic energy markets, it is rather imperative to appraise the economic benefits of installing protection measures in order to reduce the economic loss that may arise when lightning/surge related damages will prohibit delivering the required energy output to the grid. To this extent, the selection of adequate lightning and earthing protection measures should be determined by utilizing methods that are able to assess the risk of equipment damage that may lead in subsequent loss of revenue.
Technical Consultancy:

  • Holistic Modelling Approach using a mix of methods and software to assess the effectiveness of L.P and earthing systems on complex structures. Through a complete modelling suite and laboratory based testing, we provide the following engineering services:
    • Design of External Lightning Protection System for Large Scale PV applications and Wind Turbines.
    • Assessing the Lightning Performance of Buried Critical Infrastructures (Oil and Gas Pipelines).
    • Design of Appropriate Earthing Systems for Substations
    • Ensure Compliance with Applicable Standards & Regulations
List of Completed Projects:

  • Reviewing and Optimising PV Earthing Policy and Practice, Electricity Authority of Cyprus (E.A.C), May 2014
  • Investigating the Cause of Metal Wall Fusion of a Natural Gas Pipeline (HGTSO) due to Direct Lightning Strikes, April 2018.
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